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Waste management

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Dr Paul Gilbert

Dr Paul Gilbert is a lecturer in climate change, sustainability and project management within the School of Mechanical Aerospace and Civil Engineering at the University of Manchester. He is a member of Tyndall Manchester within the international Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and contributes to undergraduate/postgraduate teaching on carbon management, sustainable waste management and project management. Paul joined the University of Manchester in 2009 as a Research Associate on the EPSRC SuperGen Bioenergy Consortium.

Emissions, Shipping, Carbon, Bioenergy, Renewable energy, Biomass, Management, Climate, Sustainability, Waste, Waste management, Teaching, Education, Energy efficiency, Transport


Dr Alice Bows-Larkin


One of the University's growing number of Sustainability Enthusiasts. Find out more about the initiative here.

Climate, Climate change, Carbon, Aviation, Aerospace, Transport, Shipping, Food, Economy, Sustainability enthusiast, Workplace engagement, Engagement, Sustainability, Teaching, Education


Prof William Craig

Research interests:

- Geotechnical centrifuge modelling

- Marine geotechnics

- Landfill engineering

- Industrially funded work on marine foundations

- Stability of steep and reinforced slopes

Geology, Engineering, Materials, Waste, Environment, Waste management, Sustainability, Teaching, Education


Dr Carly McLachlan

My area of research covers how people and organisations engage with energy and climate change issues. This generally means that I am looking at the interactions between science, technology and people. One particular area of interest is in renewable energy siting issues. We have an explicit policy relevance focus at Tyndall Manchester and so we try to conduct research that has practical relevance to the climate change agenda for national and local government, businesses and NGOs.

External engagement, Climate change, Engagement, Renewable energy, Sustainability, Energy, Knowledge exchange, Community, Interdisciplinary, Universities