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Sustainable Innovation Management

Innovation, management and sustainable development; strategic challenges facing firms with respect to sustainable innovation

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Dr Paul Dewick

Paul Dewick is an economist and a Lecturer in Sustainable Technology Management in the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, a research centre in Manchester Business School. Since 1999 his research and teaching has explored sustainable innovation systems, with a particular focus on eco-innovation management in large firms.

Management, Business, Innovation, Sustainability, Development, Economy, Business engagement, Knowledge exchange, Universities, Teaching, Education


Mr Jonathan Aylen

Mr Aylen's research interests and publications in economics, technology and history cover a very wide range of topics including foresight and forecasting; open innovation and natural experiments; innovation in process industries; computerisation in steel and defence and the history of process control;  rolling mill design; the impact of climate change on tourism and forecasting wild fires in the face of climate change; recycling and clean production, alongside earlier research on cost-benefit analysis of historic building preservation;  international comparisons of performance; privatisatio

Impact, Climate change, Tourism, Fire, Risk, Recycling, Sustainability, Climate, Heritage, Buildings, Culture, Teaching, Education