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Physical Geography and Contemporary Environmental Issues

Contemporary environmental issues; research challenges relating to the analysis and management of a range of contemporary environmental problems; Terrestrial Carbon Cycling; changing vegetation

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Dr Claire Goulsbra

My broad area of research focuses on the eroding peatland systems of the South Pennines. Of particular interest is the hydrological connectivity of various flow pathways, and how this is affected by the geomorphology and various other characteristics of this unique landscape. My PhD focussed on developing novel ways to monitor the interactions of these flow pathways and the use of innovative technologies remains one of my key interests. More recently, research focuses on carbon losses from eroding peatlands, specifically the fate of particulate carbon from peat deposited on floodplains.

Emissions, Carbon, Climate change, Sustainability, Teaching, Education


Dr Timothy Allott

Tim is a physical geographer with expertise in environmental hydrology, palaeolimnology, aquatic and wetland environments. His research focuses on anthropogenic impacts on upland landscapes and the management and restoration of degraded freshwater and peatland landcapes.

Environment, Resilience, Water, Evaluation, Peat, Pollution, Waste, Sustainability, Teaching, Education