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Development and Inequality

Development and inequality in the developing, and the developed world; Uneven development; Awareness of the issues facing the globe and your responsibility as a global citizen;

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Dr Jennifer O'Brien

My interdisciplinary research is concerned with questions of health and disease, and healthcare access and delivery within marginalised communities in both the developing and developed world. I have a particular interest in maternal and child health, sexual and reproductive health, older peoples health, therapeutic landscapes and social constructions of health and lifestyle in the broadest sense. 

Health, Care, Community, Inequality, Engagement, Development, Society, Political economy, Sustainability, Climate, Climate change, Applied research, Research methods, Education, Water, Resources, Management, Teaching


Prof Erik Swyngedouw

Over the past two decades, I have published several books and over a hundred research papers in leading journals in the broader fields of political economy, political ecology, and urban theory and culture. My aim is to bring politically explicit yet theoretically and empirically grounded research that contributes to the practice of constructing a more genuinely humanising geography.

Political economy, Politics, Economy, Water, Resources, Management, Ecology, Environment, Cities, Development, Planning, Governance, Regulation, Sustainability, Teaching, Education