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Pro-Poor Adaptation to Climate Change

Pro-Poor Adaptation to Climate Change in Urban Centres: Kenya and Nicaragua Case Studies

Research on pro-poor asset adaptation strategies to climate change in urban centres.




Dr Alfredo Stein

Alfredo is an urban development planning specialist with more than 28 years of experience in the design, management, monitoring and evaluation of low-income housing, municipal and local development, post-emergency reconstruction and urban poverty reduction planning, policies and projects in Latin America, Africa and Asia. He has comprehensive experience as lecturer and teacher on urban development issues in different universities in Europe and Latin America; and in setting up training and capacity building programs for central and local governments and NGOs.

Cities, Development, Buildings, Capacity building, Engagement, Climate, Climate change, Resilience, Sustainability, Teaching, Education


Prof Caroline Moser

As an urban social anthropologist/social policy specialist I have more than forty years ofexperience relating to urban development and social policy on a range of issues including academic and policy-focused research, teaching and training. As a researcher I have undertaken primary field-based research on urban poverty, urban violence, household asset vulnerability and accumulation strategies, gender and development and the informal sector in countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala and Jamaica.

Cities, Development, Buildings, Community, Engagement, Gender, Politics, Climate change, Resilience, Research methods