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Global Warming in Bangladesh

Community and Institutional Responses to the Challenges Facing Poor Urban People in an Era of Global Warming in Bangladesh

This research explores how to effectively address the problems of poor urban people, in a context of rapid climate change. It adopts a cross-disciplinary perspective

Project date: 
Wednesday, September 1, 2010 to Saturday, August 31, 2013



Prof David Hulme

Research interests: Political economy analysis (PEA), Rural development policy and planning, Poverty reduction strategies, Finance for the poor, Sociology of development, Role of community organisations and NGOs, Evaluation of technical assistance, Environmental management; public sector reform

Rural studies, Development, Policy, Poverty, Political economy, Finance, Community, Society, Civil society, Engagement, Evaluation, Technical assistance, Environment, Management, Governance, Politics, Economy


Prof Simon Guy

- Member of the University's Sustainability Steering Group

My research aims to critically understanding the co-evolution of design and development strategies and socio-economic processes shaping cities. This approach has involved the development and application of an innovative sociotechnical approach to researching architecture, urban development, technological innovation and urban change analysis and integration of previously disconnected research fields - architecture and urban planning, the property sector and utilities industry.


Cities, Development, Buildings, Technology, Innovation, Housing, Business, Energy, Water, Green infrastructure, Sustainability, Infrastructure, Networks