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Demonstration of an Aircraft System

Demonstration of an Aircraft System for Real-Time Discrimination & Reporting of Dust, Volcanic Ash, Ice and Super-cooled Water Particles

This proposal aims to demonstrate an aircraft based measurement and reporting system for in situ real-time discrimination of single coarse dust, ash, super-cooled water and ice particles.

Project date: 
Saturday, October 1, 2011 to Monday, March 31, 2014



Dr James Dorsey

Dr Dorsey is responsible for cloud microphysics instrumentation and measurements at the University of Manchester. He is a University research fellow and instrument scientist at the National Centre for Atmospheric Science's (NCAS) Facility for Ground Based Atmospheric Measurements.

Weather, Climate, Water, Instrumentation, Aerospace, Transport, Particles, Physics, Scattering, Aviation


Prof Martin Gallagher

Research interests: Cloud Microphysics, Cloud-aerosol interactions, Surface Atmosphere Exchange, Micrometeorology, bioaerosols, Flux Applications, Airborne Instrumentation for ice and water.

Weather, Physics, Water, Aerosols, Climate, Environment, Climate change, Biology, Heat flux, Thermal energy, Instrumentation, Sustainability, Teaching, Education