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Climate change and Urban Vulnerability in Africa

The overall objective of the project is to develop methods and knowledge to be applied to African cities to manage climate risks, to reduce vulnerabilities and to improve their coping capacity and resilience towards climate changes.

Project date: 
Wednesday, December 1, 2010 to Friday, November 1, 2013



Dr Sarah Lindley

I am a quantitative geographer specialising in the use of geospatial analysis to understand the outcomes of human-environment interactions. My main research interests are associated with urban air pollution and climate adaptation. Much of my research activity is motivated by the need to develop sustainable responses to current and future environmental challenges. I therefore often work in multi-disciplinary teams and in collaboration with stakeholders.

Climate, Climate change, Carbon, Sustainability, Green infrastructure, Cities, Resilience, Urban heat island, Pollution


Prof David Hulme

Research interests: Political economy analysis (PEA), Rural development policy and planning, Poverty reduction strategies, Finance for the poor, Sociology of development, Role of community organisations and NGOs, Evaluation of technical assistance, Environmental management; public sector reform

Rural studies, Development, Policy, Poverty, Political economy, Finance, Community, Society, Civil society, Engagement, Evaluation, Technical assistance, Environment, Management, Governance, Politics, Economy


Prof John Handley

John Handley's current research interests are focused on landscape dynamics and the management of change, ecologically informed and participative approaches to resource management and the development of adaptation strategies for climate change impacts.

Environment, Climate, Geology, Resources, Engagement, Development, Climate change, Resilience, Impact, Urban heat island, Cities


Dr Admos Chimhowu

My research has thus far focused on understanding processes agrarian change and social transformations in the Less Developed Countries. In my work I have sought to generate policy relevant knowledge on how changing agrarian structures transform and influence the way rural communities relate to natural resources (particularly land) and, how this relationship in turn shapes the way they make a living.

Political economy, Agriculture, Development, Community, Rural studies, Economy, Geography, Cities, Consumption, Poverty, Society