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BIogeochemical Gradients and RADionuclide transport

Project will develop a better understanding of the geochemical and microbiological evolution of the subsurface environment surrounding a radioactive waste geological disposal facility (GDF).

Project date: 
Friday, October 1, 2010 to Tuesday, September 30, 2014



Prof Francis Livens

I work very closely with colleagues in other Schools of the University of Manchester, and also elsewhere. I work in several diverse areas, including Microbial transformations of radionuclides, Mineral surface reactions and Radionuclides in the 'real' environment

Nuclear energy, Energy, Nuclear waste, Biology, Radioactivity, Minerals, Chemistry, Waste management


Dr Nicholas Bryan

The main research area of my group is Environmental Chemistry, and in particular, the interaction of radionuclides with natural systems. Current projects involve the study of the interaction of these elements with natural colloids, including humic substances. Colloids have a high affinity for many pollutants, and can act as a vector for their migration in the environment. Lab experiments are used to study sorption and desorption mechanisms, and are backed up by work involving real samples from the field.

Environment, Chemistry, Metals, Pollution, Nuclear energy, Radioactivity, Energy, Soil, Water, Geology, Waste, Impact, Nuclear waste, Sustainability, Teaching, Education


Prof Jonathan Lloyd

I currently lead a multidisciplinary geomicrobiology group working at the interface between biology and geology. Our research focuses on the mechanisms of microbial metal reduction, with emphasis on the environmental impact and biotechnological applications of metal-reducing bacteria. Current activities are supported by funds from NERC, BBSRC, EPSRC, the EU and industry.

Geology, Biology, Ecology, Metals, Materials, Nuclear waste, Radioactivity, Environment, Waste management, Bioremediation, Pollution, Chemistry, Sustainability, Teaching, Education


Prof Katherine Morris

My current research focuses on the environmental behaviour of radioactive contaminants. Development of nuclear weapons and nuclear power has left a legacy of radioactively contaminated land and radioactive wastes that will be disposed of in a deep geological disposal facility. Understanding the behaviour of radioactive contaminants in these environments is essential in managing our radioactive legacy.

Nuclear waste, Radioactivity, Waste management, Environment, Nuclear energy, Energy, Geology, Biology, Chemistry