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ARCHER Project

Advanced High-Temperature Reactors for Cogeneration of Heat and Electricity R&D.

Aim of project is to get further knowledge relative to the technology of very high temperature reactors (V-HTR) and, in particular, to demonstrate the safety of the concept.

Project date: 
Tuesday, February 1, 2011 to Saturday, January 31, 2015



Dr Abbie Jones

Dr Abbie Jones is a lecturer in Nuclear Engineering Decommissioning. Dr. Jones joined the University of Manchester in 2006, as a Post Doctoral Research Associate on the EPSRC Keeping the Nuclear Options Open consortium researching nuclear graphite behaviour. Her research specialises in decommissioning and treatment of irradiated nuclear graphite waste in order to understand irradiation damage processes to nuclear graphite and to validate new treatment methods for irradiated nuclear graphite post-closure.

Nuclear energy, Nuclear waste, Energy, Carbon, Waste management, Sustainability, Teaching, Education