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Dr Vladimir Jankovic

Senior Lecturer

The principal objectives of my past and current research have been about the scope, scale and social conditions of the scientific and social engagement with weather and climate. I am particularly interested in the socio-cultural forces behind the notion of atmospheric environment as a normative framing of climate as a resource and agency, with focus on climate as a space of mundane social identity and economic action. The shift from theorized towards lived climates has led me toward examining the problem of scale in the scientific and public understanding of the weather. Current project on the history of urban climatology since 1950 looks at the ways in which the weather and the city coexist in the street canyon, tree canopy, building turbulence and planted landscape.

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The Crisis of Nature: Issues in Environmental History

Explores the historical context for the current environmental 'crisis'. Historical relationship between humans and the natural environment


Urban ecology

Faculty of Life Sciences Research Project. A particular focus on the social engagement with weather and climate. Current project concerns the history of urban climatology since 1950.


Environment, Ecology and Evolution

The Environment, Ecology and Evolution Group focuses on applied research that addresses 21st century environmental challenges. The food we eat, the water we drink and the fuel that powers our industries are all dwindling resources that we harvest from the world around us. As our populations expand and natural areas are converted to farmland and cities we lose the services that nature provided for free. Our expanding cities have become ecosystems in their own right with their own unique urban ecology.

Food, Water, Environmental biology, Biology, ecosystem services, Climate change, Biodiversity


Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine

Our several interconnected research areas address the social and cultural history of science, technology and medicine as they were practised and experienced. We focuses predominantly on nineteenth- and twentieth-century history, mostly in Britain, Europe and the USA, but also including Far Eastern and African science, technology and medicine.

Communication, History


Electrical Energy and Power Systems

The Group focuses on future networks, with research into the design and operation of power-system plant, transmission networks, and smart low-carbon distribution networks, and the development of HVDC expertise. 

Smart grids, Electric and electronics, Power system, Power electronics, Power engineering, Energy, Energy industry, Cogeneration, Energy networks