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Dr Timothy Allott

Professor of Physical Geography

Tim is a physical geographer with expertise in environmental hydrology, palaeolimnology, aquatic and wetland environments. His research focuses on anthropogenic impacts on upland landscapes and the management and restoration of degraded freshwater and peatland landcapes.

Research on water quality changes in upland freshwaters has focused on the impacts of air pollution and the extent to which acidified and metal polluted streams and lakes can recover. This has included early evidence that acidification is a reversible process, evaluations of the impacts of nitrogen deposition on upland waters, and new understandings of the mobility of metal pollution in freshwaters. Work on the degradation and restoration of blanket peat systems has led to assessments of peat revegetation processes, evaluations of the hydrological impacts of erosion and restoration and assessments of the role of fluvial carbon fluxes to greenhaouse gas budgets. 

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Physical Geography and Contemporary Environmental Issues

Contemporary environmental issues; research challenges relating to the analysis and management of a range of contemporary environmental problems; Terrestrial Carbon Cycling; changing vegetation


Environmental Change and Reconstruction

Environmental change and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction; temporal context of contemporary environmental conditions; timescales of environmental change studied using the sediment record; environmental reconstruction



A network to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration in water-related research across The University of Manchester and with external research, government and industry organisations.

Water, Climate change, Resources


Quaternary Environments and Geoarchaeology

The Quaternary environments and geoarchaeology research group was established in 2004 following the arrival of three new physical geographers at The University of Manchester. We share a common interest and passion for Earth surface system dynamics and climate change over a range of timescales.

Climate, climate change adaptation, Geography


Upland Environments Research Unit

The Upland Environments Research unit is a group of five staff and ten research students working in the School of Geography at the University of Manchester. The groups research interests span Geomorphology, Hydrology, Palaeoecology, and Remote Sensing with a thematic focus on Upland Environments. The group has experience of working in North America, South East Asia, and Europe. A particular focus of current work are the threatened and globally distinctive uplands of the southern Pennines where the group maintains a continually monitored research catchment.

Water, Geography, Environment, Soil


Environmental Processes Research Group

The Environmental Processes Research Group conducts pure and applied work research on the dynamics of contemporary earth surface processes. The group has expertise in geomorphology, hydrology, freshwater environmental science, remote sensing, terrain analysis and geographical information science.

Environment, Geography, Geology, Climate, Water, Geographical Information Systems