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Dr Simone Turchetti

Research Associate

I am interested in exploring the history of contemporary science and technology, especially in connection with the emergence of ‘big science’ and the development of international relations. I am pursuing an independent and interdisciplinary research programme which aims at providing a novel picture of the relations existing between the scientific community, the diplomacy and the intelligence agencies, especially during the post-WW2 period and the Cold War years.

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History of Climate Change

Tracing the history of climate science and exploring debates around climate change


The Earth Under Surveillance

This project aims at revealing how the geosciences developed during the Cold War, looking at the network of institutions that promoted a new understanding of the Earth, and the motives in play in expanding geophysical studies.


Environment and Ecology

The Faculty of Life Science's Environment and Ecology research theme (Directed by Prof Richard Preziosi) focuses on applied research that addresses 21st century environmental challenges.

The food we eat, the water we drink, and the fuel that powers our industries are all dwindling resources that we harvest from the world around us. As our populations expand and natural areas are converted to farmland and cities, we lose the services that nature provided for free.

Environment, Ecology, Biology, Biodiversity


Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine

Our several interconnected research areas address the social and cultural history of science, technology and medicine as they were practised and experienced. We focuses predominantly on nineteenth- and twentieth-century history, mostly in Britain, Europe and the USA, but also including Far Eastern and African science, technology and medicine.

Communication, History