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Dr Rachel Webster

Curator of Botany, Manchester Museum

Member of the university's Biodiversity group. Works at Manchester Museum's Herbarium.

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Plant Stress Biology

In recent years concern has been growing about the consequences of global climate change caused by human emissions of CO2. This is predicted, in addition to causing a general warming of the planet, to cause an increase in the occurrence of extreme weather events (IPCC). Periods of drought and extreme temperature (high and low) and incidents of flooding are all liable to increase. This is of particular concern because of the likely impact on food production.

Plants, Plant science, Biology, Climate change, Environmental biology


Manchester Museum

Environmental sustainability is a major element of all aspects of the Museum’s work. As a museum with large collections of preserved natural specimens and objects from human cultures, our Mission is:

As a university museum, the Manchester Museum uses its international collection of human and natural history for enjoyment and inspiration, working with people from all backgrounds to provoke debate and reflection about the past, present and future of the earth and its inhabitants.

Sustainability, Heritage, Heritage protection, Community, Public engagement


Plant Sciences

Plants form the basis of life on Earth...

They are essential to us as food and their domestication was a primary driving factor in the birth of civilisation. Now, with the rising world population and climate change increasing the frequency of crop failures, food supply is becoming a key issue throughout the world. At the same time, plants are playing a growing role in meeting our energy needs and have enormous potential as sources of novel compounds.

Plants, Plant science, Biology, Climate change


Community and non-UoM student collaboration

Working with Friends of Whitworth Park, and also Student Volunteers and events students from MMU, providing infrastructural improvements and community activities. Also working with Museum Youth board and local community in tree planting.