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Dr Peter Quayle

Senior Lecturer

Varied lines of research have been investigated whilst at Manchester including the use of transition metal carbene complexes and organostannanes in synthesis, the synthesis of hydrophilic polymers, and the development of "clean oxidation" processes using hydrogen peroxide. Recent interests include the development of more efficient catalysts for atom transfer reactions and their use in natural product synthesis.

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Environmental and Green Chemistry

Includes green chemistry, process chemistry, atmospheric measurements, terrestrial and aquatic pollution, geochemistry, and nuclear power.


Organic Materials Innovation Centre

The Organic Materials Innovation Centre (OMIC) was one of five University Innovation Centres established by the UK government in late 2002. It received initial funding of £4.3m over five years from the Department of Trade and Industry.

OMIC helps companies innovate and grow through access to leading edge science in organic materials. These materials include bulk, specialty and engineering polymers, oligomers, surfactants, lubricating oils and active ingredients for use in applications as diverse as coatings, electronics, biomaterials, packaging, home and personal care.

Business engagement


Centre of Excellence for Biocatalysis, Biotransformations and Biocatalytic Manufacture

Welcome to the Centre of Excellence for Biocatalysis, Biotransformations and Biocatalytic Manufacture (CoEBio3) website. The CoEBio3 is the UK’s new organisation designed to provide a world-class scientific environment in which the necessary research and development can be carried out to create new biocatalyst-based processes to meet the changing needs of industry in the next 10-20 years.

Biocatalysis, Biology, Biochemistry