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Dr Mohammad Rahman

Early Career Researcher and Teaching Assistant

I am primarily interested in plant physiology in terms of plants’ responses and interactions with the environment. I am especially keen to work on gas-exchange (photosynthesis, respiration and transpiration) and also resource-use efficiency across environmental gradients.

While doing my PhD I have investigated the effect of urban trees on adapting our cities to the urban heat island by measuring their growth and transpiration across environmental gradients. I have also attempted to carry out comparative ecophysiological studies on simulated changed climatic scenarios. 

In the long run, I hope to contribute to ecological research by investigating the impact of future climate change on tree growth and physiology. Beside this I am also keen to perform research on the differential responses of co-occurring species to global climate change factors and consequential changes in plant communities and model their feedback system from micro to meso-scale. Essentially I am interested in all topics that contribute to understanding the processes of plant physiological ecology or nutrient cycling in response to differential environmental variables. This will ultimately help us to predict and adapt to the impacts of global climate change.

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Using sensitive monitoring equipment, i-trees compares the water absorption and cooling rates of different trees and surfaces in a number of sites across the university campus.