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Prof Martin Evans

Professor of Geomorphology

Martin Evans did graduate work on lake sediment budgets in the alpine zone of British Columbia before returning to the UK to work on upland peatlands, first at Durham and then in the Upland Environments group at Manchester. He has research interests in the geomorphology and hydrology of upland landscapes. Currently the major focus is on upland peatland systems, working on processes of peatland erosion and restoration and their impacts on water and carbon fluxes.

In particular he is interested in the way in which erosion impacts the carbon balance of peatlands both indirectly through modification of peatland hydrology and directly by particulate carbon loss. A key question is the degree to which particulate carbon losses from peatland systems are climatically active. More broadly Martin's interests include the role of geomorphological processes in terrestrial carbon cycling and he has been promoting the role of geomorphology in this area through his work with the British Society for Geomorphology and the European Geophysical Union.

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Greenhouse gas emissions from peatlands

This project looks at the fate of fluvial carbon lost from peatland systems. The Manchester work is focused on the fate of particulate carbon, particularly on gaseous losses from peat deposited in floodplain situations



A network to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration in water-related research across The University of Manchester and with external research, government and industry organisations.

Water, Climate change, Resources


Environmental Processes Research Group

The Environmental Processes Research Group conducts pure and applied work research on the dynamics of contemporary earth surface processes. The group has expertise in geomorphology, hydrology, freshwater environmental science, remote sensing, terrain analysis and geographical information science.

Environment, Geography, Geology, Climate, Water, Geographical Information Systems


Upland Environments Research Unit

The Upland Environments Research unit is a group of five staff and ten research students working in the School of Geography at the University of Manchester. The groups research interests span Geomorphology, Hydrology, Palaeoecology, and Remote Sensing with a thematic focus on Upland Environments. The group has experience of working in North America, South East Asia, and Europe. A particular focus of current work are the threatened and globally distinctive uplands of the southern Pennines where the group maintains a continually monitored research catchment.

Water, Geography, Environment, Soil