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Dr Magda Sibley

Senior Lecturer in Architectural Studies

Dr Magda Sibley 's research interests focus on the following areas:

- Heritage led sustainable urban regeneration in the world heritage cities of North Africa and the Middle East. She has been awarded various research grants from the Arts and Humanities research Council and the EU to investigate the transformations of heritage buildings in the 21st Century with particular focus on the revitalisation of public baths (hammams) as key sustainable urban and social facilities. She has also a research interest in the transformation of residential quarters and the modifications made to the traditional courtyard houses to meet the requirements of an ongoing gentrifying process brought about by tourism.

- The reinterpretation of courtyard housing typology as an urban matrix for sustainable low -rise high density cities.

- Passive low energy principles in Mediterranean vernacular architecture and their re-interpretation in contemporary architecture projects with particular focus on ecotourism .

- Climate change agenda and its impact on building regulations and architectural practices with particular focus on the North-South transfer of know how.

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