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Dr Josephine Mylan

Research Associate

Jo's research interests lie in understanding how society can transition to more environmentally sustainable ways of consuming resources. This will require changes in the way we provision goods, including the technologies, economic and social arrangements, and cultural conventions which shape processes of production, distribution and consumption.

To explore these dynamics she uses ideas from across economic sociology, evolutionary economics, and practice theory. She is particularly interested in the relationship between production arrangements and the social practises of consumers. Empirically her work focusses on mundane products which form part of everyday practices, such as eating.

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Innovation for a Sustainable Society

Achieving sustainability; food; transport; energy; combatting climate change; real world challenges; sociology; economics; management; innovation studies; cutting edge ideas and debates


Sustainable Consumption

Investigating the opportunities for governments and business to stimulate the development and adoption of innovations that will reduce the environmental burden of production and consumption systems.


Manchester Institute of Innovation Research

The Manchester Institute of Innovation Research is a centre of excellence in the field of innovation studies, which includes the overlap of innovation with science management and science policy. With over 50 full members, approximately 50 PhD researchers and a range of associated academics, MIoIR is Europe’s largest and one of the World’s leading research centres in its field. As a dedicated research centre, MIoIR is at the heart of innovation-related research in the Manchester Business School and The University of Manchester.

Business, Innovation, Economy



From field to fork, its production, distribution and consumption impacts the daily lives of people all over the world.

As populations continue to grow and our climate continues to change, food and delivering food security become issues increasingly worthy of deeper investigation.

Food, food and eating, Food supply, sustainable food consumption


Sustainable Consumption Institute

Consumption is a hugely powerful force.

The sustainability challenges we face stem largely from an explosion in consumption, and the corresponding exploitation of finite resources. To successfully respond to these challenges, we must now radically reduce the resource intensity of everyday lives.

Sustainability, corporate sustainability, Consumption, sustainable consumption


University College for Interdisciplinary Learning

The University College for Interdisciplinary Learning presents an opportunity for students at The University of Manchester to broaden their educational horizons. It will offer course units that showcase the breadth and depth of research and knowledge found at the University and encourage students to go beyond the boundaries of their degree programme.

Interdisciplinary, sustainability teaching, Education for Sustainable Development, Education