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Dr Joseph Robson

Reader in Materials Science

Current work involves the coupling of thermodynamic models, based on Calphad methods, to novel kinetic models, enabling the time and temperature dependence of the microstructure (particularly second phase particles) to be determined for complex industrial alloys and processes. Such an approach is being used to predict microstructure evolution and subsequent effect on properties for a range of aluminium, magnesium, and zirconium alloys during processes such as hot rolling and welding. Applications for these materials include the automotive, aerospace, and nuclear industries.

Joe also has an active interest in developing a better understanding of the effects of processing and service on the microstructure of metals through the use of electron microscopy and X-ray analysis. Ongoing work includes investigating microstructure evolution during processing of zirconium alloys and the study of novel wrought magnesium alloys.

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Low Carbon Vehicle Structures

Development and manufacture of low carbon vehicles (LCVs). Vehicle lightweighting is the most effective way to improve fuel economy and to reduce CO2 emissions

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The University of Manchester Aerospace Research Institute

The mission of our Institute is to gain full benefit from the University’s diverse research capability and to be internationally recognised as a centre of excellence in aerospace research and innovation.  The Institute nurtures a broad-based research portfolio and at the same time is seeking to establish a number of major research initiatives that add value to the existing research base in the University.

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Dalton Nuclear Institute

Nuclear energy, Nuclear waste, Energy, Nuclear Engineering Decommissioning