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Dr John Broderick

EPSRC Knowledge Transfer Fellow

One of the University's growing number of Sustainability Enthusiasts. Find out more about the initiative here.

John Broderick is a Knowledge Transfer Fellow at Tyndall Manchester, a core partner of the UK's leading interdisciplinary climate change research centre. He has been a researcher in the Manchester group since 2006 specialising in emissions accounting, carbon trading and the climate impact of energy systems. His work has been published in academic and policy outlets, presented at the European Parliament and cited by the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee and the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology. With Professor Kevin Anderson, he was commissioned by the European Parliament to review the low carbon credentials of unconventional natural gas and has acted as a peer reviewer for a Department of Energy and Climate Change report on the same topic. He holds a PhD in climate policy from Manchester Business School and a first degree in natural sciences from Cambridge University. 

John's KT role is dedicated to policy relevant outputs and targeted research projects with organisations outside of academia. In late 2011 he led a high profile report on the climate change and environmental impacts of shale gas commissioned by The Co-operative. He is now working closely with Electricity North West in a number of Low Carbon Network Fund projects to understand the ways in which electrification can contribute to avoiding dangerous climate change and the carbon impact of 'smart grid' interventions. 

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Course event for Corridor Connections led by representatives from Tyndall Centre. A new professional development course to equip strategic decision-makers with an understanding of climate change.


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