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Dr Jason Dortch

Lecturer in Physical Geography

I have focused my research on the Quaternary geology, geomorphology, and tectonics of mountain belts at high latitude and high altitude. I am particularly concerned with quantifying the timing and rates of landscape evolution in these regions to understand the interplay between internal (tectonic) and external (surface) processes. This requires defining rates of surface processes operating in mountains, determining the ages of landforms, and assessing the temporal and spatial patterns of uplift through remote sensing, field mapping, geomorphic and sedimentologic analysis of landforms, and geochronology.  I have concentrated my efforts in the Alaska Range (USA), the Puna plateau (Argentina) and the Himalayan-Tibetan orogen (India &China).  Moreover, I plan to develop erosion based projects in the UK.

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Environmental Processes and Change: The Global System

Global physical geography; environmental processes and change; global climate system; Vegetation-climate feedbacks; The Earth system and drivers of global change


Environmental Processes Research Group

The Environmental Processes Research Group conducts pure and applied work research on the dynamics of contemporary earth surface processes. The group has expertise in geomorphology, hydrology, freshwater environmental science, remote sensing, terrain analysis and geographical information science.

Environment, Geography, Geology, Climate, Water, Geographical Information Systems


Quaternary Environments and Geoarchaeology

The Quaternary environments and geoarchaeology research group was established in 2004 following the arrival of three new physical geographers at The University of Manchester. We share a common interest and passion for Earth surface system dynamics and climate change over a range of timescales.

Climate, climate change adaptation, Geography