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Dr James Dorsey

Research Fellow

Dr Dorsey is responsible for cloud microphysics instrumentation and measurements at the University of Manchester. He is a University research fellow and instrument scientist at the National Centre for Atmospheric Science's (NCAS) Facility for Ground Based Atmospheric Measurements.

His research interests include development of new microphysical measurement technologies and data analysis methods, and theoretical studies on the scattering of light by atmospheric particles. He also has interests in nitrogen and carbon production and transport above natural and semi-natural ecosystems and aerosol dynamics in urban and rural areas.

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Demonstration of an Aircraft System

This proposal aims to demonstrate an aircraft based measurement and reporting system for in situ real-time discrimination of single coarse dust, ash, super-cooled water and ice particles.


Centre for Atmospheric Science

The Centre for Atmospheric Science studies processes important to climate change and air quality in the troposphere and lower stratosphere – the lowest 20 km of the Earth’s atmosphere. We are one of the largest such groups in UK universities, and have extensive collaborative links with leading atmospheric sciences groups world-wide.

Atmospheric measurements, Atmospheric pollution, Atmospheric chemistry, Climate change