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Dr Ian Madley

Associate Director, Business Relations

The theme through my career has been leading and driving growth or major change. What I bring to organisations is a combination of strong strategic thinking and an ability to drive projects through to completion. Importantly I have been able to do this in a wide range of organisations large and small as well as private and public sector.

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Electrical Energy and Power Systems

The Group focuses on future networks, with research into the design and operation of power-system plant, transmission networks, and smart low-carbon distribution networks, and the development of HVDC expertise. 

Smart grids, Electric and electronics, Power system, Power electronics, Power engineering, Energy, Energy industry, Cogeneration, Energy networks


National Grid Power Systems Research Centre

The centre has six experimental laboratories; three associated with high voltage engineering, one for dielectric materials, one for protection and control, and one for measurements and instrumentation.

The largest HV lab, the Cockcroft Laboratory, has a floor area of 500m2 and includes a 2MV impulse generator, a 800kV AC cascade resonance test set, a 600kV DC test set, a 300kV AC test set and the latest numerical control, instrumentation and monitoring system.

Power system, Electric and electronics, Energy, Power electronic circuits and systems