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Mr Henry McGhie

Head of Collections and Curator of Zoology; Honorary Scientific Associate in the Faculty of Life Sciences

One of the University's growing number of Sustainability Enthusiasts. Find out more about the initiative here.

I am all about ethical and sustainable living and working. I am extremely passionate about the natural environment, about museums, and about the power of personal choice.

I have always been fascinated by nature, with a particular passion for birds. I studied Zoology (Animal Ecology) at university. Following this I worked as a field ecologist, mostly on upland birds. I was always fascinated by museums and at the age of about 20 discovered that behind-the-scenes collections had great potential for illuminating historical ecology. I used collections as the basis of a number of publications on changes in the distribution of wildlife. I also wrote a number of papers on living birds based on other studies. 

I have worked in museums as they have undergone radical change. I embrace new challenges and opportunities, and am more passionate about nature, museums and personal choice than I ever was. I have managed teams of people for a number of years and aim to work to get the best possible results and for the maximum public benefit. I have high standards and work to get the best from people, for the good of our users, and to make a positive difference through my work.

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Whitworth Art Gallery

The Whitworth Art Gallery re-opens on February 14th, 2015!

A £15 million development has transformed the gallery, doubling it in size and creating new spaces that embrace the park it calls home.Yet although the Whitworth is about to open a new chapter in its history, the organisation itself has a much broader story to tell.

Heritage, Heritage protection, Arts, Culture, History


Manchester Museum

Environmental sustainability is a major element of all aspects of the Museum’s work. As a museum with large collections of preserved natural specimens and objects from human cultures, our Mission is:

As a university museum, the Manchester Museum uses its international collection of human and natural history for enjoyment and inspiration, working with people from all backgrounds to provoke debate and reflection about the past, present and future of the earth and its inhabitants.

Sustainability, Heritage, Heritage protection, Community, Public engagement


Community and non-UoM student collaboration

Working with Friends of Whitworth Park, and also Student Volunteers and events students from MMU, providing infrastructural improvements and community activities. Also working with Museum Youth board and local community in tree planting.


Action on Ethical Procurement

Suggestion that university recommended suppliers are not the most environmentally friendly options. Director has insisted that consumables must come from recycled sourced where available. All new office furniture is from the Resuse Warehouse.


Collaboration with Whitworth Art Gallery

Operational plan is now called 'The Whitworth/ Manchester Museum Green Plan'. New steering group for environmental sustainability liked to be Manchester Partnership Museums Green Group.