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Dr David Evans

Lecturer in Sociology and SCI Research Fellow

One of the University's growing number of Sustainability Enthusiasts. Find out more about the initiative here.

To date, most of my research has focused on how consumption relates to the dynamics of everyday life and accordingly, much of my empirical work has taken place 'behind closed doors' - in people's homes. In doing so, I have explored a number of substantive issues including food provisioning, waste, laundry, lighting and sustainable living. Typically this has involved ethnographic – often innovative – methodological approaches, however I have also made use of more conventional qualitative and quantitative techniques.

I am also interested in the trajectories of ‘problematic’ forms of consumption and the means through which these might be governed. This has led to a concern with the theory and politics of ‘behavioural change’, and how this agenda can be opened up to sociological engagement and critique. More recently, my research has been looking beyond households and consumers to take a broader approach to the sociology of economic life.

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Modelling Consumer Behaviour

This project is the first inter-disciplinary research to compare, in a systematic empirical investigation, the predictive capacity of the core theoretical models of consumer behaviour from the social sciences


Urban Waste Governance

To develop understandings of how innovations in infrastructures and institutions connect to household dynamics and the practices of everyday life.


Sustainable Consumption Institute

Consumption is a hugely powerful force.

The sustainability challenges we face stem largely from an explosion in consumption, and the corresponding exploitation of finite resources. To successfully respond to these challenges, we must now radically reduce the resource intensity of everyday lives.

Sustainability, corporate sustainability, Consumption, sustainable consumption



From field to fork, its production, distribution and consumption impacts the daily lives of people all over the world.

As populations continue to grow and our climate continues to change, food and delivering food security become issues increasingly worthy of deeper investigation.

Food, food and eating, Food supply, sustainable food consumption


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