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Dr Catherine Walton

Senior Lecturer

Research on mosquito vectors of disease can have important applications to the control of diseases such as malaria and dengue. Population genetic studies of mosquitoes can also increase our fundamental understanding of interpreting genetic diversity in terms of random genetic drift, population history, selection and barriers to gene flow both within and between species. These research interests extend to encompass molecular evolution, conservation genetics and biodiversity in Southeast Asia.

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Conservation Biology

Conservation Biology; conservation genetics; resource management; habitat corridors; managing protected and unprotected areas; conservation and sustainability


Computational and Evolutionary Biology

We are a department-sized grouping of researchers in Life Sciences who use a wide range of techniques from computational to whole organism experimental approaches in our pursuit of understanding biological systems. A main theme of our research is the use of an evolutionary perspective to inform and predict the behaviour of biological systems.

Biology, Environment, Biodiversity


The Centre for the Genetics of Ecosystem Services

The Centre brings together researchers from within the Faculty of Life Sciences with expertise in ecosystem service measurement and ecological community genetics. This fusion of expertise allows us to answer fundamental questions linking genetic variation and evolutionary processes to the functioning of biotic communities and the delivery of fundamental ecosystem services.

The Centre aims to work collaboratively with other academics, industries and government bodies to address both the fundamental science and the societal impact of ecosystem services.

ecosystem services, Environment, Climate change, Environmental biology