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Dr Andrew Karvonen

Lecturer in Architecture and Urbanism

University Living Lab Co-Principle Investigator with James Evans

I am a Lecturer in Architecture and Urbanism in the School of Environment, Education and Development at the University of Manchester.

My research bridges the design disciplines and the social sciences with a particular focus on urban sustainability. I also have a decade of experience as an environmental and sustainability consultant and am a licensed engineer in the State of Washington.

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SPRG comprises seven research projects and four Fellowships conducted across eight UK universities.


Corridor Manchester

Partnership committed to generating further economic growth and investment in the knowledge economy for the benefit of the city region.


University Living Lab

To utilise 'Living Lab' principles to facilitate enhanced collaboration between UoM Estates and Researchers on campus sustainability projects.




EcoCities project works with Manchester City Council and partners to produce a local sustainability plan for the city region.


Zero Carbon Habitation

The overarching aim of the project is to analyse the social aspects of sustainability as they relate to building design, energy use, and the daily practices of building occupants.


Centre for Urban and Regional Ecology

The Centre for Urban Resilience and Energy brings together a diverse group of researchers based in the School of Environment, Education and Development. CURE focuses on the relationships between sustainability transitions in the energy, urban and environment domains. We build on the intellectual strengths and traditions of the Centre for Urban and Regional Ecology, which was active at Manchester between 2000 and 2013.

Built environment, Environment, Climate change, Cities, Smart cities


The Manchester Architecture Research Centre

Our mission is to rework the disciplinary boundaries of architecture and the social sciences so as to open up new areas of architectural research, create new standards of architectural pedagogy, and facilitate new ways of engaging in public debate. Launched in 2007 with an inaugural lecture by Bruno Latour, MARC has gained an international reputation as a leading centre of architectural scholarship, and has created through the years a vibrant research environment with its series of visiting speakers, symposia, workshops, exhibitions, and debates.

Buildings, Built environment, Architecture



The world is primarily an urban place and so scholars, policy makers, and public debate needs to address the urbanity of human experience. Cities are often projected as sources of disorder and social problems, yet cities have always been sources of cultural creativity, transnational connection, diversity, conviviality, and motors of intellectual, economic, environmental and political transformation. 

Cities, Sustainable cities, Smart cities, Built environment


Sustainable Practices Research Group

If there is to be any effective response to climate change, substantially and significantly new ways of living are urgently required. There is growing recognition of the need for fresh ways of framing problems of climate change, consumption and demand, and for forms of intervention capable of catalysing entrenched habits and practices and of doing so quickly and on a big scale.  Understanding and intervening in the dynamics of social practice are central to the challenge of sustainable consumption.

Sustainability, Consumption, sustainable consumption, Climate change