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Prof Andrew Forsyth

Professor of Power Electronics

Andrew Forsyth graduated with the BSc(Eng) degree in Electrical Engineering from Imperial College, London, in 1981 and he obtained the PhD degree in Power Electronics from the University of Cambridge in 1987. Following industrial experience with GEC Electrical Projects, he has held lecturing positions at the universities of Bath and Birmingham and was appointed to the Chair in Power Electronics at Manchester in 2004 - a post that is co-sponsored by the Royal Academy of Engineering and Rolls-Royce.

His research interests include power electronic circuits and systems, and Aerospace and electric vehicle applications.

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Electrochemical Energy Storage

Amongst the myriad applications foreseen for graphene, exploitation in electrochemical energy storage with supercapacitors or batteries ranks as one of the most prominent. Contributes to de-carbonising the energy supply - storage for renewable energy.


The University of Manchester Aerospace Research Institute

The mission of our Institute is to gain full benefit from the University’s diverse research capability and to be internationally recognised as a centre of excellence in aerospace research and innovation.  The Institute nurtures a broad-based research portfolio and at the same time is seeking to establish a number of major research initiatives that add value to the existing research base in the University.

Aerodynamics, Aerospace, Car and vehicle aerodynamics, Aero


Power Conversion

The Group focuses on advanced electrical machines and power electronic converters using the latest devices and materials, including superconductors to provide more efficient and effective electrical power conversion and control for transport and renewable energy generation, transmission, and distribution. 

Power system, Electric vehicles, Smart grids