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Sensing, Imaging and Signal Processing

The Group focuses on exploiting its broad expertise to address multidisciplinary measurement and signal-analysis problems in chemical, mechanical, electrical, security, and biological systems, and the building of sensor systems for users in academia, industry and healthcare.

One achievement with strong societal and research significance is our development of a novel technology for the accelerated detection of landmines. Other achievements include the measurement of focused X-ray beams and electrical capacitance tomography imaging of particle density in fluidised bed dryers, with applications in the pharmaceutical and food and energy processes industries.




Prof Trevor York

Research interests include:

- Applications of industrial process tomography: pressure filtration, polymerisation, solid-state fermentation, product ageing, fluidised beds, soil monitoring

- Electronic systems design - analogue and digital electronics, DSP, software

- Processing of tomographic data in software and hardware: 3D finite element modelling with EIDORS 3D to yield 3D image reconstruction.

Engineering, Filtration, Fermentation, Soil, Monitoring, Environment, Production, Economy, Electric and electronics, Energy supply, Energy, Information technology, Sound, Evaluation, Networks, Instrumentation


Dr Bruce Grieve

Dr Grieve is a chartered engineer and Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET). He has spent 20 years of his career in the field of on-line analysis, measurement and informatics R&D within pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Information technology, Innovation, Health, Biotechnology, Biology, Technology, Monitoring, Agriculture, Business, Rural studies, Filtration, Instrumentation, Communication, Engagement