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The Manchester Architecture Research Centre

Our mission is to rework the disciplinary boundaries of architecture and the social sciences so as to open up new areas of architectural research, create new standards of architectural pedagogy, and facilitate new ways of engaging in public debate. Launched in 2007 with an inaugural lecture by Bruno Latour, MARC has gained an international reputation as a leading centre of architectural scholarship, and has created through the years a vibrant research environment with its series of visiting speakers, symposia, workshops, exhibitions, and debates.




Prof Simon Guy

- Member of the University's Sustainability Steering Group

My research aims to critically understanding the co-evolution of design and development strategies and socio-economic processes shaping cities. This approach has involved the development and application of an innovative sociotechnical approach to researching architecture, urban development, technological innovation and urban change analysis and integration of previously disconnected research fields - architecture and urban planning, the property sector and utilities industry.


Cities, Development, Buildings, Technology, Innovation, Housing, Business, Energy, Water, Green infrastructure, Sustainability, Infrastructure, Networks


Dr Andrew Karvonen

University Living Lab Co-Principle Investigator with James Evans

I am a Lecturer in Architecture and Urbanism in the School of Environment, Education and Development at the University of Manchester.

My research bridges the design disciplines and the social sciences with a particular focus on urban sustainability. I also have a decade of experience as an environmental and sustainability consultant and am a licensed engineer in the State of Washington.

Cities, Ecology, Politics, Sustainability, Development, Infrastructure, Planning, Technology, Technical assistance, Engagement, Design, Networks, Society, Research methods, History, Geography, Living Lab, Knowledge exchange


Dr James Evans

One of the University's growing number of Sustainability Enthusiasts. Find out more about the initiative here.

University Living Lab Co-Principle Investigator with Andrew Karvonen.

Cities, Planning, Buildings, Environment, Education, Living Lab, Knowledge exchange, Engagement, Geography, Sustainability, Society, Teaching