Sustainability database


Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact, and are involved in the Green Impact Scheme at The University of Manchester.

 Three of the many ways we work towards reducing our carbon footprint:

  • use sustainable local food in our catering at events and meetings
  • reuse/recycle as much as possible
  • encourage sustainable travel



Prof James Thompson

My current research interests cover all aspects of applied theatre, particularly theatre and performance in war and disaster zones, and then I have related interests in the performative aspects of war and humanitarianism. I have a particular interest in theatre and performance in Sri Lanka and theatre programmes in eastern DR Congo. I have worked in Sri Lanka for UNICEF's Children Affected by Armed Conflict Unit and developed a range of theatre projects for communities affected by the war.

Arts, Applied research, Theatre, Sustainability, Workplace engagement, Engagement, Car parking, Cities, Transport


Ms Betty-Ann Bristow


One of the University's growing number of Sustainability Enthusiasts. Find out more about the initiative here.

Part of 'Lunchtime Strollers' - The University of Manchester's Walking Programme:

Events, Planning, Engagement, Student engagement, Universities, Sustainability enthusiast, Workplace engagement


Prof David Hulme

Research interests: Political economy analysis (PEA), Rural development policy and planning, Poverty reduction strategies, Finance for the poor, Sociology of development, Role of community organisations and NGOs, Evaluation of technical assistance, Environmental management; public sector reform

Rural studies, Development, Policy, Poverty, Political economy, Finance, Community, Society, Civil society, Engagement, Evaluation, Technical assistance, Environment, Management, Governance, Politics, Economy


Dr Admos Chimhowu

My research has thus far focused on understanding processes agrarian change and social transformations in the Less Developed Countries. In my work I have sought to generate policy relevant knowledge on how changing agrarian structures transform and influence the way rural communities relate to natural resources (particularly land) and, how this relationship in turn shapes the way they make a living.

Political economy, Agriculture, Development, Community, Rural studies, Economy, Geography, Cities, Consumption, Poverty, Society