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Geographical Political Economy

The Geographical Political Economy research group is the longest-standing geography research group at The University of Manchester.  Members of the group share a common commitment to political economy i

Recognising economic life as geographically constituted, and capitalism as a highly variegated and differential system we focus on how space, place, scale and the biophysical world are integral to economic and social processes.  Conceptualising states, corporations, labour and 'nature' as interconnected actors, our research examines the conditions under which new economic geographies are produced, and the social, political and environmental possibilities to which they give rise.n analysing spatial and temporal unevenness as well as environmental change.

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Dr Martin Hess

My main research interest firmly lies in the analysis of global production networks (GPNs) and regional development. In particular, I am interested in the embeddedness and power configurations of GPNs and their implications for development outcomes. The latter has renewed my interest in development issues in the Global South which at present is one focus of my research.

Production, Networks, Globalisation, Development, Economy, Political economy, Geography, Sustainability, Teaching, Education


Dr James Evans

One of the University's growing number of Sustainability Enthusiasts. Find out more about the initiative here.

University Living Lab Co-Principle Investigator with Andrew Karvonen.

Cities, Planning, Buildings, Environment, Education, Living Lab, Knowledge exchange, Engagement, Geography, Sustainability, Society, Teaching


Prof Noel Castree

My principal research interest is the political economy of environmental change.

Drawing upon Marxist theory, I've made some very modest contributions to ongoing debates about the ecolological implications of the capitalist way of life. More broadly, I've sought to shape thinking about society-environment relations through my coedited books Remaking Reality (1998) and Social Nature (2001). They tried take seriously the 'materiality' of the biophysical world, while conceding the power of 'social constructionist' perspectives on nature and environment.

Environment, Political economy, Politics, Economy, Society, Engagement, Production, Knowledge exchange, Education, Universities, Sustainability, Teaching


Prof Kevin Ward

My research is motivated by a desire to explain and remove urban cultural, economic and social injustices, and centres around the following concerns:

- Urban policy and politics

- Neo-liberal urbanism

- Policy mobilties and mutations

- Comparative urbanism

- Financial models and infrastructure

- Multi-site methodologies

- Geographies of work and employment

Cities, Policy, Politics, Political economy, Geography, Finance, Infrastructure, Information technology, Research methods, Fieldwork, Employment, Sustainability, Teaching, Education


Prof Erik Swyngedouw

Over the past two decades, I have published several books and over a hundred research papers in leading journals in the broader fields of political economy, political ecology, and urban theory and culture. My aim is to bring politically explicit yet theoretically and empirically grounded research that contributes to the practice of constructing a more genuinely humanising geography.

Political economy, Politics, Economy, Water, Resources, Management, Ecology, Environment, Cities, Development, Planning, Governance, Regulation, Sustainability, Teaching, Education