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Environment and Development

Research on environment and development is rooted in critical analysis of the relationship of rural livelihoods with sustainable use and conservation of natural resources in developing countries.

This is located within a broader analysis of the political economy of management of natural resources in developing countries.

Research group



Dr Admos Chimhowu

My research has thus far focused on understanding processes agrarian change and social transformations in the Less Developed Countries. In my work I have sought to generate policy relevant knowledge on how changing agrarian structures transform and influence the way rural communities relate to natural resources (particularly land) and, how this relationship in turn shapes the way they make a living.

Political economy, Agriculture, Development, Community, Rural studies, Economy, Geography, Cities, Consumption, Poverty, Society


Dr Gale Raj-Reichert

My research interests are on the governance of global production networks. More specifically, I have researched on how governance over health and safety in the computer global production network are implemented in Penang, Malaysia. I focus on private governance systems such as standards and codes of conduct implemented by firms and how government agencies (and government regulation) and civil society actors shape, contest and influence governance outcomes in global production networks.

Governance, Production, Networks, Business, Standards, Regulation, Globalisation, Economy, Geography, Development, Sustainability, Teaching, Education


Dr Khalid Nadvi

My research interests are in the area of globalisation, international trade and industrial development. I am especially interested in issues relating to global regulations, global standards and local outcomes for firms, workers and communities. Within this agenda my current research focuses on the emerging economies, or Rising Powers, of China, India and Brazil and the impacts that they are having on the rest of the developing world. I also have a long-standing interest on the political economy of Pakistan

Employment, Standards, Governance, Society, Globalisation, Economy, Geography, Innovation, Business, Civil society, Community, Poverty, Political economy, Employability, Production