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Centre for Urban Policy Studies

The Centre of Urban Policy Studies (CUPS) was established in The University of Manchester by Professor Brian Robson in 1983 to develop research on urban and regional policy.

The centre now has an established reputation for:

  • policy-relevant research on the evaluation of area-based urban policy initiatives;
  • regional development;
  • spatial planning and housing;
  • and the measurement of neighbourhood dynamics.
Planning, Cities



Prof Cecilia Wong

Research interests: 

- Quantitative Indicators, Policy Monitoring and Evaluation: housing, deprivation, local economic development, urban regeneration, spatial planning, and regional development

- Indicators and Governance: evidence-based policy making

- Policy Analysis and Application: socio-economic change, neighbourhood change, UK-national spatial planning framework, and housing needs and demand.

- Spatial Planning in China

Policy, Evaluation, Monitoring, Development, Economy, Cities, Regeneration, Buildings, Governance, Sustainability, Teaching, Education


Dr Stephen Hincks

Stephen's research covers two broad themes. The first theme focuses on conceptualising, measuring and analysing the dynamics of spatial development. This area of research involves developing and applying different analytical frameworks and methodologies to understand complex spatial structures and processes.  This has included research on housing and labour market interaction; changing housing and neighbourhood interactions; the measurement of spatial planning outcomes; neighbourhood change; migration in Europe; and spatial housing market analysis.  

Sustainability, Teaching, Education, Geography, Development, Housing, Cities, Community, Migration, Society, Economy, Policy, Regulation, Governance


Dr Adam Barker


One of the University's growing number of Sustainability Enthusiasts. Find out more about the initiative here.

Research interests: planning for climate change: Green Infrastructure (GI); coastal risk; urban and regional flooding; environmental adaptation.Integrated environmental management (IEM): coastal and marine planning, protected areas, landscape systems.Environmental assessment: Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), Sustainability Appraisal (SA).

Sustainability enthusiast, Workplace engagement, Engagement, Green infrastructure, Buildings, Sustainability, Coasts, Resilience, Climate change, Cities, Water, Environment, Management, Standards, Teaching, Education


Dr Mark Baker

Mark has well-developed research interests in regional and strategic planning; central-local relations and the plan-making process; and development plan and development control procedures. His recent research activities include work on stakeholder involvement in the RPG process (sponsored by ODPM / TCPA), the use of environmental and sustainability appraisal within development plans (sponsored by ESRC) and the future of sub-regional planning in England (for CPRE).

Politics, Governance, Policy, Planning, Engagement, Development, Environment, Evaluation, Sustainability


Prof Graham Haughton

My research uses political economy perspectives to explore various aspects of urban and regional policy.This has covered work on sustainable urban development, urban regeneration, regional development, water conflicts and labour market governance.

My current writing is focused on two key themes. First, a critical examination of neoliberal spatial governance, in particular theEnglish 'spatial planning project'. Second, I am exploring the political economy of flood risk management, with particular reference to the floods in Hull and the East Riding in 2007.

Cities, Environment, Climate, Planning, Governance, Political economy, Politics, Economy, Sustainability, Development, Regeneration, Buildings, Risk, Water, Management, Policy, Teaching, Education, Cycling


Dr Carys Jones

I gained a BSc (Honours) in Microbiology from University College of Wales, Aberystwyth and then an MSc in Pollution and Environmental Control, at the University of Manchester. My PhD was in Biological Sciences at University of Manchester and focused on upland land use and its affect on water quality in the catchment of Stocks Reservoir in the Forest of Bowland. 

Currently Programme Director MA EIA and Management, Programme Director BA Environmental Management, Co-ordinator (Planning) of PGR Students

Pollution, Environment, Governance, Water, Evaluation, Impact, Planning, Sustainability, Teaching, Education


Dr Richard Kingston

I am Undergraduate Director of Studies in Planning and Environmental Management. I have been a lecturer in GIS and Urban Planning since September 2003. I am also the Deputy Director CUPS.

Communication, Geographical Information Systems, Geography, Planning, Information technology, Governance, Smart cities, Knowledge exchange, Cities, Sustainability, Teaching, Education


Dr Jenni Viitanen

Jenni's current research portfolio includes future cities/ urban technologies, energy and housing.

She is an expert advisor to the FP7 project IREEN (ICT Roadmap for Energy Efficienct Neighbourhoods), and a researcher on a number of projects including SMARTiP (Smart Metropolitan Areas Through Innovation and People); Housing in Multiple Occupancy: Energy Issues and Policy (HOME); and Community Approaches to Housing Retrofit in Greater Manchester.

Smart cities, Knowledge exchange, Cities, Citizenship, Engagement, Economy, Development, Inequality, Society, Political economy, Housing, Climate, Climate change, Carbon, Politics, Governance, Policy, Community