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Centre for Instrumentation and Analytical Science

Instrumentation and Analytical Science carries out research and development of new measurement techniques with funding from UK Research Councils, The European Commission, charities and industry.

This theme brings together a multidisciplinary team that researches new measurement techniques and develops instrumentation to carry out those measurements in areas ranging from molecular processes in living cells to chemical processes in industrial reactors.

Research areas include environmental monitoring.

Research group



Prof Krishna Persaud

Research interests in the area of olfaction from physiology to chemistry. Has been involved in the development of gas sensor arrays for sensing odours based on conducting polymers, that became commercialised by Aromascan plc, now Osmetech plc.

Technology, Aerosols, Smell, Health, Polymers, Electric and electronics, Instrumentation, Biosensors, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer science, Sustainability, Teaching, Education, Aviation, Crime and security, Transport