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Brooks World Poverty Institute

We are The Brooks World Poverty Institute, based at The University of Manchester. Our institute brings together one of the world’s largest collections of poverty researchers from across disciplines. We conduct research in the field, to inform solutions to end poverty.

We encourage people to think differently about poverty. Poverty isn’t only about how little money someone has. It’s also about an individual’s access to employment, how included they are in their community and how much they can be heard by the organisations mandated to help them. Poverty occurs in every country.




Prof David Hulme

Research interests: Political economy analysis (PEA), Rural development policy and planning, Poverty reduction strategies, Finance for the poor, Sociology of development, Role of community organisations and NGOs, Evaluation of technical assistance, Environmental management; public sector reform

Rural studies, Development, Policy, Poverty, Political economy, Finance, Community, Society, Civil society, Engagement, Evaluation, Technical assistance, Environment, Management, Governance, Politics, Economy


Dr Admos Chimhowu

My research has thus far focused on understanding processes agrarian change and social transformations in the Less Developed Countries. In my work I have sought to generate policy relevant knowledge on how changing agrarian structures transform and influence the way rural communities relate to natural resources (particularly land) and, how this relationship in turn shapes the way they make a living.

Political economy, Agriculture, Development, Community, Rural studies, Economy, Geography, Cities, Consumption, Poverty, Society


Prof Stephanie Barrientos

Stephanie has researched and published widely on gender, global production, employment, decent work, trade and labour standards, corporate social responsibility, fair trade, and ethical trade.

Political economy, Politics, Economy, Employment, Standards, Governance, Globalisation, Production, Gender, Business engagement, Social responsibility, Business, Consumption, Plants, Trees, Sustainability, Impact, Evaluation


Prof Dale Whittington

Innovation, Management, Policy, Water, Development, Sustainability, Teaching, Education