Ms Gabriele Schliwa

Gabriele Schliwa is a Research Associate at SEED and currently manages the Manchester Cycling Lab project.

Gabriele's research focuses on low-carbon living labs and sustainable transport transitions. With a background in business and environmental management, she seeks to strengthen collaboration between citizens, local businesses and the public sector to successfully tackle social, environmental and economic challenges through innovative urban solutions.

Cycling, Urban infrastructure, Transport, Living Lab


School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering

Transport, Emissions, Energy, Civil engineering, Engineering, Aerospace


Low Carbon Vehicle Structures

Development and manufacture of low carbon vehicles (LCVs). Vehicle lightweighting is the most effective way to improve fuel economy and to reduce CO2 emissions

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Dr William Crowther

Research interests:

- Design, control and flight test of of Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs), including fixed, rotary and flap

- Development of novel vision and acoustic based sensing systems for indoor navigation

- Flow control, including development of fluidic manoeuvre effectors for flapless aircraft, flow separ

- Flapping flight. Development of flapping wing propulsion systems for sub 1g insect like flight vehicles

- Fluidic micropumping solutions for industrial applications

Aerospace, Aerodynamics, Flow control, Water, Transport, Interdisciplinary, Applied research, Research methods, Sustainability, Teaching, Education


Prof Sandy Smith

My general research interests lie in the area of design and analysis of electrical motors, generators, drives and actuators using analytical or computational electromagnetic methods. Particular interests currently include induction machines and superconducting/low-temperature technologies in the industrial, marine, aerospace, and renewable sectors. 

Transport, Electric and electronics, Technology, Energy, Power engineering, Aerospace, Renewable energy, Sustainability


Dr Paul Gilbert

Dr Paul Gilbert is a lecturer in climate change, sustainability and project management within the School of Mechanical Aerospace and Civil Engineering at the University of Manchester. He is a member of Tyndall Manchester within the international Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and contributes to undergraduate/postgraduate teaching on carbon management, sustainable waste management and project management. Paul joined the University of Manchester in 2009 as a Research Associate on the EPSRC SuperGen Bioenergy Consortium.

Emissions, Shipping, Carbon, Bioenergy, Renewable energy, Biomass, Management, Climate, Sustainability, Waste, Waste management, Teaching, Education, Energy efficiency, Transport


Dr Peter Green

My research interests include:

- Autonomous vehicles in general, and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) in particular

- Wireless sensor networks

- Monitoring industrial processes

- Embedded systems

- Design automation

Information technology, Networks, Instrumentation, Autonomous vehicles, Transport, Technology, Underwater vehicles, Evaluation, Monitoring, Business, Electric and electronics, Design, Computer science, Mechatronics


Dr Philip Bell

Social and economic change and policy responses in rural areas, with a focus on housing, environmental designations and transport policy.

Society, Economy, Rural studies, Environment, Agriculture, Housing, Cities, Conservation, Resilience, Transport, Policy, Sustainability, Teaching, Education


Mr Phil Lord

Car parking, Cities, Transport, Environment, Waste, Waste management, Estates, Buildings, Recycling, Energy efficiency, Sustainability


Dr Pierluigi Mancarella

Research interests:

- Modelling and analysis of smart multi-energy systems (electricity/heat/cooling/gas/transport) and distributed multi-generation (cogeneration, trigeneration);

- Impact of electro-thermal technologies (cogeneration, heat pumps, storage) on distribution networks;

- System level analysis of the electricity, heat and transport sectors;

- System integration of distributed energy resources and sustainable development of energy systems;

- Economics of future networks, energy markets, and business cases for new technologies;

Energy planning, Energy networks, Networks, Power system, Smart grids, Electric and electronics, Thermal energy, Technology, Cogeneration, Energy supply, Energy, Energy capture, Storage, Transport, Sustainability, Renewable energy, Risk, Evaluation, Teaching, Education, Solar energy, Photon science