Dr Prasad Potluri

Prasad Potluri’s primary research focus is on ‘Textile Composites’ with applications in Aerospace, Automotive, Marine and Energy sectors.  He has an inter-disciplinary approach to research and combines aspects of Robotics, Textile Processing, Mechanics of flexible fibre assemblies and Experimental mechanics.  In 2000, he established Textile Composites Group in order to deliver world-class research.   

Materials, Textiles, Interdisciplinary, Knowledge exchange, Universities


Textile Technology

Textiles are not just used for clothing but are regarded as platforms for innovation.

The research activities within Textiles draw on the inherent flexibility and versatility of fibres and use their chemical and physical structures to produce novel fibre-based products used in medical textiles, sportswear, air and liquid filtration, geotextiles, personal-protection clothing, and construction and packaging materials.