Dr Joanne Swaffield

Joanne Swaffield joined the Sustainable Consumption Institute as a Research Associate in November 2013. Her current research focuses on the construction of ‘appropriate’ sustainable behaviour and the role of reuse networks in modern neoliberal society. Jo is also involved in the ESRC funded project, ‘Households, Retailers and Food Waste Transitions’.

Jo’s research interests include, the discursive construction of (un)sustainable behaviour, the ‘neoliberalisation’ of environmental governance and the role of environmental ‘change agents’ in neoliberal society.  

Food, Waste, Media, Recycling, sustainable food consumption


Dr Dan Welch

Dan’s research interests include: cultural economy and cultural intermediation; social ontology and theories of practice; sustainability communications and commercial communications more widely; and sustainable consumption as discourse and practice. He is interested in exploring neglected theoretical resources within theories of practice for the study of sustainable consumption, as well as developing links between practice theory and complementary approaches such as socio-technical transitions and economic sociology.

Consumption, Food, sustainable food consumption, Waste, Media, Communications



From field to fork, its production, distribution and consumption impacts the daily lives of people all over the world.

As populations continue to grow and our climate continues to change, food and delivering food security become issues increasingly worthy of deeper investigation.

Food, food and eating, Food supply, sustainable food consumption