Dr Richard Huggett

Richard's current research addresses four basic questions:

How is the environment put together?

This theme considers ecological worldviews. It explores individual environmental components and the interdependence among them (see Huggett 1995, 1997, 2002 below).

How does the environment change?

This theme investigates evolutionary worldviews. It considers the ideas of development and evolution applied to individual environmental components and to the ecosphere as a whole (see Huggett 1997 below).

How fast does the environment change?

Environment, Resilience, Philosophy, Geology, Catastrophes, Ecology, Evolution, Biology, Geography


Dr Catherine Walton

Research on mosquito vectors of disease can have important applications to the control of diseases such as malaria and dengue. Population genetic studies of mosquitoes can also increase our fundamental understanding of interpreting genetic diversity in terms of random genetic drift, population history, selection and barriers to gene flow both within and between species. These research interests extend to encompass molecular evolution, conservation genetics and biodiversity in Southeast Asia.

Evolution, Chemistry, Ecology, Genetics, Biology, Sustainability, Teaching, Education