Becoming Global

Seeing sustainability and environmental issues from different positionings


Dr Richard Fay

Richard was named The University of Manchester Teacher of the Year 2013

Research interests:

- Intercultural communication / intercultural education (including cultural awarenesss development through world music studies)

- Intercultural aspects of language education (e.g. TESOL) and distance learning / elearning

- Appropriate methodology (of language education, language teacher education, and distance education)

Citizenship, Development, Culture, Communication, Engagement, Sustainability, Teaching, Education


Dr Jenni Viitanen

Jenni's current research portfolio includes future cities/ urban technologies, energy and housing.

She is an expert advisor to the FP7 project IREEN (ICT Roadmap for Energy Efficienct Neighbourhoods), and a researcher on a number of projects including SMARTiP (Smart Metropolitan Areas Through Innovation and People); Housing in Multiple Occupancy: Energy Issues and Policy (HOME); and Community Approaches to Housing Retrofit in Greater Manchester.

Smart cities, Knowledge exchange, Cities, Citizenship, Engagement, Economy, Development, Inequality, Society, Political economy, Housing, Climate, Climate change, Carbon, Politics, Governance, Policy, Community


Dr Karen Buckley

My research interests lie in critical international political economy with a focus on global contestation and resistance movements, global civil society, global governance, poverty and inequality, globalizations, peacebuilding and climate change.

Environment, Resilience, Sustainability, Climate, Climate change, Development, Citizenship, Civil society, Policy, Engagement, Politics, Universities, Teaching, Education


Ms Kate Sapin

Research interests include community and youth work and participation, sustainability and communities, anti-oppressive practice, student engagement and social responsibility.

Communication, Engagement, Community, Youth culture, Sustainability, Climate, Climate change, Citizenship, Development, Teaching, Education, Interdisciplinary